Local Talents: Alex Nunez – Local Cobbler

In this series, our collaborator Carolyne Brown meets the Local Talents—flagship stores in the heart of Alexis Nihon. These interviews are all about sharing, sincerity, and proximity. We invite you to enter their world and discover who they are.

Let’s meet Alex Nunez, Cobbler at Moneysworth & Best.

How did you become an entrepreneur?

I moved to Quebec 22 years ago. My friend who hosted me was a cobbler and I helped him from time to time. One day, a cobbler was missing. He asked me if I wanted to work with him. Thanks to him, I became an entrepreneur and I have been working in this business for 18 years.

What makes your brand stand out?

What makes us stand out is that my employees and I work as if we were the ones who wore each piece.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to face in your career as an entrepreneur?  

My biggest challenge as a cobbler happened just a month ago, actually. A lady brought me a pair of designer shoes. She thought the platform was too high. She wanted me to trim it down to make the shoes more comfortable. I told her that even though they hurt, cutting these types of shoes is not done and if I did it, I was taking a risk. She trusted me to do the job. It was a challenging job, it was the first time someone wanted me to modify such expensive shoes! But I succeeded, and the lady was very happy.

What is the biggest lesson that business ownership has taught you?  

Knowing how to manage, talk to and understand customers.

Tell us a funny anecdote or event from your entrepreneurial journey.

A member of the Kiss music band came to me to reinforce a pair of their famous platform boots before a concert. I also repaired shoes for Lady Gaga and Shakira.

What keeps you passionate about your field? 

When customers come into the store and tell me that no one has been able to repair their shoes like I do.

What advice would you give to a future entrepreneur? 

You have to be passionate and be able to show your skills. If you work with passion, the money will come.

What do you hope that people know and remember about your company?  

That we are honest. I always tell my customers whether repairing their shoes is worth it or not.

What is your best-kept secret? 

I don't have any secrets. I'm a worker, but not a very good teacher. The secret is the person who works with me, because they must learn and understand everything I do.

What could we wish for you in the future? 

To continue to be a cobbler. There are always trades to fill in Montreal and there is a lack of shoemakers. There isn't much succession in this field. I learned this trade from my father and my grandfather.