Bewitching Trends for Halloween

From charming costumes to ghoulish treats, discover the best Halloween trends to add a touch of spooky magic to this year’s festivities.  

Beyond Witches and Zombies

The highlight of Halloween Night will always be the costume! The Barbie movie has captured our collective imagination since its release in July. Therefore, Halloween 2023 is the perfect time to turn yourself into the iconic doll. The Ken character, also highly popular, can fuel your creativity. As a couple or with friends, bringing these characters to life is sure to attract a lot of attention. Find some pink clothes and accessories, or go all-in with a pink western outfit. For a different variation, reverse the genders: the woman as Ken, and the man as Barbie!

The Netflix series Wednesday can be just as inspiring this year. Practice your pouty face before dressing up in black with white stripes and braiding your hair to turn into Wednesday. But be warned! You may need to learn her famous dance number to honour the character! And don’t forget that other members of the Addams family are just as interesting: Morticia or the Thing, you can choose your favourite!

Finally, the world or Super Mario Bros can provide you with some excellent costume ideas. Mario, Luigi and the rest of the gang will certainly be hitting the streets on October 31st. Disguising the whole group as Koopa Troopas could also be a lot of fun.

Decorating Your Haunted Manor

When it comes to decorating, we’re moving away from the traditional orange & black combination and choosing jewel tones instead, to create a spooky gothic atmosphere. Dark purple, emerald green, navy blue and burgundy, for example, will darken your space without a cartoonish effect. Floral prints and velvet are two textures to go for. An assortment of dried branches and feathers will complete the look.

If you like classic decorations, use their modern version for a fresh look. Glass pumpkins, glittery bats, or even golden skeletons (hurray for spray paint!) will add an elegant and gloomy touch to your home. With a few carefully chosen accessories, you can recreate an abandoned mansion atmosphere in your entire home.

Before or After the Candy Run

To make the most of this holiday, plan a few activities and treats at home. Make spooky popcorn before watching a scary movie, or bake Halloween sugar cookies for dessert.

A simple craft, like scratch pots, will allow the entire family to let their imagination run free. All you need are old pots and scratch paint to create creepy candlesticks to customize your décor and scare away approaching spirits.

Finally, pick some squash from your local producer and offer them to your favourite kitchen witch. She’ll be delighted to use them in her concoctions, magical or otherwise.

🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃

Our suggestions for spooky activities:

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  • Pawlloween Pawty | October 28 | Halloween party for your pups | Location to be confirmed