What to do this spring break

Who says winter holidays have to be boring? The snowy season is synonymous with fluffy landscapes, cozy atmospheres and snow sports. Whether you’re looking for thrills or hot chocolate by the fire, Alexis Nihon offers you several items to take you down the double diamond slopes or to cozy up with your family. Here are some ideas for activities to do at home or outside, always with the objective of enjoying a break from lessons, homework and routine!


There’s nothing quite like spending a relaxing day at the spa, from hot saunas to ice-cold baths to Swedish massages. However, due to lack of time or budget, it is not always possible to go on a regular basis. In addition, school-age children are usually not allowed in. So why not relax in the comfort of your own home by setting up a home-made spa for the family?

To start, you will need a diffuser and essential oils with relaxing, invigorating or restorative fragrances, depending on your family’s wishes and needs. To find them, go to Naturiste. Their friendly staff will be happy to advise you on finding the perfect elixir! A spa would not be a spa without a lovely bubble bath. Dans un Jardin offers a wide range of bubble baths for young and old, each with its own wonderful fragrance.


For fans of board games or games of skill, what could be more fun than putting your sharp intellect and competitive spirit to good use? And since not all geeks are loners, these fun games can always be played with family or friends. If you feel that one game is not enough, don’t hesitate to raise the stakes by holding a championship. This will certainly add to the atmosphere in the house, as well as testing everyone’s knowledge and sharpening their strategies.

Are you growing tired of Monopoly, Scattergories and the Queen of Hearts? Although these classics remain timeless, it may be time to upgrade your collection. Visit Canadian Tire to see their selection!

No time to cook? No problem! To avoid interrupting your championship, Alexis Nihon offers a wide range of restaurants that offer delivery!


With our routine that overtakes us all too often in our daily lives, the art of cooking is one that is gradually being lost. And yet, teaching your children the basics of cooking can be so much fun, particularly baking delicious desserts in the winter. After all, comfort food fits perfectly with the rhythms of the cold season.

In order to hibernate in proper form during the school break, gourmet pleasures are a must. To find local products that are pleasing to the palate, pay a visit to IGA. You’ll find gourmet spreads, black olive oil and fine chocolate, available a la carte or in gift sets. Something to satisfy both sweet and savoury palates!  

Every good cook needs the right tools to prepare the best dishes. Stokes offers a wide range of accessories that will make the job easier, whether you are a great chef or a young cook. From cookie cutters and kitchen knives to electric mixers and oven-proof pans, you’ll find everything you need to recreate grandma’s recipe!


As outdoor activities become more limited, why not take the opportunity to encourage your children to develop their literary culture. With gentle melodies, let yourself be transported into the fictional world of a detective story, a love triangle or a historical tale, while the children browse through comic books or picture books. With screens always at our fingertips, it may be tempting to pick up an addictive series or video game. Instead, take the time to go back to the basics and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some culture.


The secret to a successful winter lies in choosing appropriate garments for our harsh climate and weather. With a jacket and accessories that are as cozy as they are breathable, you’ll be able to climb mountains… literally! Once you’re all bundled up, you and your kids will probably want to get active.

Sports activities are still the best way to enjoy winter. They help you stay active and get some fresh air while having fun, and give a new purpose to the cold season. Sports Experts offers you the equipment you need for your favourite winter sports, such as snowshoeing and skiing, depending on your preferences. Come and meet the advisors in store to receive great advice… from the experts!

Sledding is also a great way to enjoy winter with the entire family. You’ll find plenty of choice at Canadian Tire, all at very competitive prices. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun in the great outdoors.


If you follow all these suggestions, you’ll probably feel less inclined to fly South during spring break. Who knows, maybe you’ll look forward to the return of this special time for years to come! Despite the few inconveniences of the charming cold season, it is possible to love it… with a little imagination and a few must-haves for a successful winter!