Tricks and Treats this Halloween

The Celts believed that the boundary between the world of the dead and the living was opened on Halloween night. Spirits could come in our world and haunt the living. Today, festivities surrounding the night of October 31st are more about costume parties and trick-or-treating, but who knows? Maybe you’ll have a few scary run-ins this year…

Chills & Thrills, Guaranteed!

For a frightful night, turn off the lights, put a horror movie on, and get ready to scream!

For Your Little Monsters

Get your little ones’ costumes and makeup on before heading out trick-or-treating and plan a relaxing activity for a smooth return.

Welcoming Spirits

Create an inviting space for otherworldly visitors with these home accessories and decor items.

Treats for Everyone!

Indulge with homemade sweet treats or candy, and rediscover delicious pumpkin flavours.