Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Trends

April showers bring May… fashion? The sun and the warmth are finally here and it’s the perfect time to update your wardrobe to fully enjoy the terrace season.

Out with the old, in with the new!

It is often said that the New Year is a good time to make new resolutions. But spring really is the ideal time to take out what’s old and embrace what’s new. Just open the windows to let the fresh air in, put on some pop music and tackle your closet and dresser!

You’ve already learned it when we presented the basic rules of a good Organization Operation: the first step is to take everything out of its place to decide what to keep, give, and throw away. Since we’re all about spring fashion trends here, we invite you to identify a few pieces that you like along the way. These will act as a foundation for your new wardrobe. Take pictures of each item and keep them in your cell phone.


Once you’ve cleared out your storage space, it’s time to select the current fashion trends that inspire you the most! Don’t adopt them all - you might end up with a wardrobe that doesn’t suit you. With this in mind, here are the main trends that are taking over fashion retailers here and elsewhere for this summer.

Low-rise pants 

Low-rise pants are back. This trend may make some people shudder, but there’s nothing to worry about! Cigarette pants and baggy jeans are just as fashionable.

Pockets everywhere

Pockets everywhere, all the time. On your jackets, your pants, or your handbag – large, convenient pockets that were missed dearly on our prettiest dresses are now back!   

Asymmetrical cuts 

When it comes to skirts, asymmetrical cuts are preferred for our maxi skirts or our tube dresses (combined with a short jacket, it makes a great look for the office!)


Volume continues to dominate this season. Oversized jacket and pant combos, voluminous skirts, and draped looks are all different ways to embrace the trend.

Ballet flats & clear shoe

Pretty ballet flats and clear shoes will adorn all feet this summer! Choose good quality pairs to complete your looks.  

 Saturated colours 

Designers are suggesting bold, saturated colours such as indigo, lime green and violet. Silver shades can also be worn any time of the day!

Slip dresses

This summer, we dare to wear our cutest slip dresses outside the bedroom. That’s right! Satin and light straps are all over the place these days! You’d like a softer approach to this trend? Try out sheer fabrics and lace detailing.


Crochet continues to create a buzz as well! A crochet maxi dress or handbag will add a fun texture to your outfit. Just be careful to choose natural fibres to stay comfortable in the heat!


And the last trend, but not the least: flowers! Nothing new, you say? Well, think again! This year, flowers are not worn as prints, but as 3D accessories! Whether made from tulle, crochet or fabric, we are enhancing our simplest outfits with 3D flowers, from head to toe!

Have fun shopping

Now that you know which trends to look for and your space is ready to welcome your future treasures, we’ll leave you with three tips to make the most of your shopping trip with us:

  1. Shopping is not a race! Dress comfortably and get ready before heading to the shopping centre. Grab a light tote bag, slip into cozy shoes and let’s go shopping!
  2. When in doubt, just abstain! You’re not convinced in store? You won’t be any more convinced at home. If you don’t fall in love immediately, hang up the piece you just tried on.
  3. Follow this rule of 3: every piece of clothing you buy should allow you to create 3 outfits from what you already own. Pull out your pictures for more inspiration!

Happy spring shopping!

For more inspiration and tips on how to make the most of this year’s spring/summer trends, stop by our retailers and talk to our staff. They’re here to help you!