Enjoy a Sugar-Filled Weekend — At Home!

Whether clear or amber, maple syrup is one of Quebec’s most delicious resources. While most of the world only uses it on pancakes and waffles, here in Quebec, we know it can sweeten coffee and deliciously enhance pork and salmon. 

Maple syrup is so precious in this province that we’ve decided to dedicate a whole “season” to it and build maple syrup its own castle ... the sugar shack. As you may have guessed, it’s sugaring season and in honour of one of Quebec’s greatest traditions, we’re proposing a plan for a maple sugar-filled weekend at home!

Rustic Home Décor

The first thing to do is to turn the house into a real sugar shack. Incorporate wooden accessories like coasters, centrepieces or even birch candle holders for a forest atmosphere. Add red plaid fabrics like throws, pillows or even curtains for a nod to the lumberjack style. Finally, wrap your chairs in burlap for a truly rustic look and warm up your floor with cozy fur rugs.

If you have an indoor portable fireplace, now is the time to light it. If you don’t have a fireplace, add a touch of warmth by placing white tea lights throughout your home. Scatter maple syrup treats in beautiful glass dishes throughout the house and you’re ready to start the festivities.

Des activités sucrées pour les petits et les grands

La cabane à sucre est synonyme de balade en calèche, de promenade dans les bois et de tire sur la neige auprès du feu. Nous ne vous suggérerons pas de louer un cheval, mais vous pouvez certainement organiser un moment « tire sur neige » en plein après-midi depuis votre terrasse ou votre balcon. (Ricardo vous explique comment juste ici.) Vous pourriez également profiter de la fin de semaine pour redécouvrir vos recettes familiales de pouding chômeur et de carrés au sucre au cours d’un après-midi popotte. 

Avec les enfants, pensez à organiser des ateliers bricolage qui mettent en valeur la nature du temps des sucres. Sortez la colle chaude et les crayons de cire et amusez-vous à créer des sculptures de brindilles, de cocottes et de feuilles ramassées à l’extérieur. La classique canne de sirop d’érable est un autre objet à recycler dans vos bricolages; fière représentante de la tradition, elle se transforme en porte-crayon, en chandelier ou en pot à plante.

It’s Sweet Tooth Time!

Lastly, there’s nothing more appropriate than a classic sugar shack meal to celebrate the maple season. Invite the whole family and friends—it’s time to get sweet! Required dress code: flannel shirts, thick wool socks, sheepskin toque and jeans that are on the looser side (let’s give ourselves a chance). 

On the menu, all pork variations come together. Sliced ham, cretons, baked beans and more are paired with soft scrambled eggs topped with maple syrup. The feast can be paired with a delicious bottle of Beaujolais or Riesling. A light beer such as a lager or pilsner will also complement the meal nicely.

For the little ones and those who would rather not drink alcohol, we suggest you try carbonated maple water. You can find some ready-to-serve versions at your local grocery store, or you can buy maple water and carbonate it at home with your SodaStream machine. Many teas and herbal teas are also available on the market, so any excuse is good to enjoy maple products!

Happy sugaring season!

To enjoy the sugaring season to the fullest, come and meet our employees and retailers. They are there to help you!